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"Whether it be a Turkish mocha, an Eritrean coffee ceremony or a skinny cappuccino, at the “Café International” standards are high and misunderstandings inevitable. When an ordinary patron is mistaken for the rapper 50 Cent, confusion ensues."


Director: Annelie Boros

Co-Director & Writer: Anja Scharf

Camera: Annelie Boros

Sound: Annika Sehn

Editing: Anja Scharf, Annelie Boros

Music: Felix Häge

Production: HFF München

Producer: Elena Diesbach


World premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019

“IT” (1990) RE-SCORING

Re-scoring of the famous Georgie scene of the 1990s Mini-Series by Stephen King


Original Footage belongs to Warner Bros. Television


Re-scoring of a deleted scene of Marvel's Iron Man


Original Footage belongs to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Felix Häge Logo